About Media Within Sight

Media With Insight has been building websites for over 20 years. Focused on building Shopify stores and teaching our clients Asana for use with their business, we are constantly developing workflows, code snippets and qualifying apps all to help our customers get the most out of their online experience.
A photo of Maria Koetsier

At the helm is Maria Koetsier. Her creative background started in the world of Fashion & Beauty and quickly translated into building websites when getting her name out there was key to making a name for herself in the late 2000's. Although the former endeavour did not yield a career with the likes of YSL or Chanel, building websites using WordPress and Joomla proved to help Maria develop a career within the creative arts. Highly experienced in producing Graphics and Video within Adobe's Creative Suite, Shopify was a natural fit and it all came together in 2017 when MWS was born.

Currently living in Niagara with her family, now more than ever the focus is on building strong local partnerships with businesses that want to make the move and grow online. Small to medium sized businesses are what Media Within Sight specializes in.

An image showing a business owner passing and apple to a customer.